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You can check for COVID infections in your school

without having to test everyone everyday

The number of schools who are utilizing Enviral Tech’s COVID-19 surveillance plan is growing, as it has been found to provide strong early detection within a facility and is less invasive than human testing, which is especially invaluable for those who are adverse to pervasive swab testing.

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“When you test a classroom and you get a positive, you know there’s somebody in that class who is shedding virus. [The testing] gives you a visibility to when there might be a problem.”

Shula Jaron, Mother of 5, CEO of Enviral Tech told npr

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"Sample Testing Buildings For COVID-19 Could Prevent Outbreaks In Occupants: Think Schools" - npr

About Enviral Tech

Enviral Tech is a biotechnology company focused on environmental viral building surveillance solutions. Enviral Tech's patented COVID surface testing and COVID air testing provide early coronavirus detection, by preventing new infections and improving business and consumer confidence. Founded in March 2020, Enviral Tech has processed upwards of 20,000 coronavirus surface tests in more than 100 facilities nationwide. 


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  • Receive a detailed yet easy to read report via email within 24 hours to immediately detect the presence of asymptomatic people.
  • Get 1 week of early warning, a precious time to properly prepare for an outbreak.
  • Test school buildings every week. Enviral Tech's COVID-19 surveillance tests are equivalent to pooled individual testing, but at a lower cost.
  • Test can be performed by any schools staff member
  • Low false positive and false negative rates (95.5% repeatable results)
  • Use the printable certificate to reassure staff, students and families that you are actively monitoring the presence of COVID-19 in the school to to keep them safe.